About SARA

This club is a community focused organization made up of Amateur Radio Operators from Forsyth County and the North Georgia area. SARA is open to all licensed Amateur Radio Operators, as well as those who are interested in becoming Amateur Radio Operators. SARA had its first meeting August 10th, 2009.

SARA members support and participate in local community activities needing the skills of trained Amateur Radio Operators. These activities may include community event communication assistance, Annual ARES Field Day, and emergency communication through ARES.

During times of inclement weather many members support Forsyth County ARES, activating a local weather net to track impending storms.

While SARA openly supports other local area clubs, there are over 800 licensed Hams in this county alone. SARA supports the initiative to get inactive people back into amateur radio through demonstrations and public appearances, club activities, and outings.