Field Day 2024

June 22 2:00 PM until June 23 2:00 PM

Field Day is our Summer yearly disaster test. Each year we spend 24 hours one weekend in June to go to an alternate site, setup and make as many contacts as possible. This ends up being a contest between us and all other operators in America.

It is hosted yearly by ARRL ( will have multiple stations set up for HF voice, VHF digital, HF digital, HF CW (morse code), Satellite and GOTA HF Voice (Non radio operators “Get On The Air”). If your not a radio operator but curious as to what it means please come on Saturday.

We will be able to show you the hobby in action and if you want we can even teach you how to make contacts and hand you a microphone to make a few. We have the radios/equipment if you have the time. Trust me watching the satellite station is very impressive. If you want a really impressive conversation, ask them about doing a moon bounce.

We operate Field Day from Cumming Fair Grounds behind the Steam Tractors Exhibit where the Carnival Operators usually stay during Fair Season.Simplest way to get there is turn off of Castleberry Rd. onto the Cumming Fair Grounds. Turn to the left and follow the signs to the top of the hill. Parking is provided.

Here’s a short recap of our Field Day 2023. (You may need to hit play once after the page loads.)